Yelp Reviews for Accredited Jewelry Appraisers in DC

Sean C. Arlington, VA    10/9/2012

So I wound up not really using their appraisal service, but I am writing a review anyway.  I was impressed by their honesty and professionalism.  I recently returned from Afghanistan and bought some jewelry while I was there.  A couple of fellow service members told me that you could make a profit buying jewelry cheaply there and selling it back here.  I was skeptical, but wanted to try it, so I bought a few pieces, but didn’t spend a lot of money.  I brought them here to find out what they might be worth.  They took the time to educate me a bit on jewelry from Afghanistan and took the time to examine it, but explained that the appraisal would probably not be worth it because the cost of the appraisal would probably exceed the value.  Someone else could have taken my business just for the sake of making money.  They told me I had done well, as long as my goal is just to give the pieces I got as gifts and not as investments.  So even though it turns out I didn’t make a bunch of cash, I left happy.  Next time I do have some jewelry to be appraised, I will definitely come here.

Sam M.   Arlington, VA    5/1/2013

Highly Trustworthy and Knowledgeable

When I needed to have a ring appraised, I turned to Yelp to find a jewelry appraiser who was trustworthy, well-regarded in the industry, and knowledgeable.  It did not take long for me to find Jeff, who turned out to be all that and more.  Jeff was able to walk me through the different types of appraisals, help me make an informed decision, then produce a detailed, 8-page report to meet my needs.

Jeff is extremely knowledgeable of his trade, patient, kind, and fair.  He is my go-to expert on all jewelry matters from now on!

TIPS: Because Jeff is so thorough, plan to give him at least a few days for a detailed appraisal, if possible.  Also, although Jeff would probably try to fit in a walk-in if possible because he is such a nice person, appointments are highly recommended.


R. R. Alexandria, VA    4/4/2012

I have never met a more honest, professional jewelry appraiser before.  I couldn’t believe how dedicated Jeff is to the science of the business – it just truly shows how much he loves his work.

Jeff also took the time to make sure I understood exactly what I was paying for – he made some outstanding recommendations on what to (and what not to ) appraise.  In all of the business I’ve done over my lifetime, I have rarely met someone who brilliant to this degree.

Thanks, Jeff!


Gracie A.   Centreville, VA   1/13/2012

I recently brought my engagement ring here for appraisal for insurance purposes.  I was a little nervous about the whole process but Jeffrey Allinson made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. He took his time and explained every little detail.  He is very knowledgeable about his craft.  The service was fantastic! When I left, I had an extremely detailed 7 page report for my insurance company.  The insurance company said it was very detailed and they were amazed.  I felt good that he took so much time make sure he gave me a detailed and accurate appraisal, and I insure my ring without question.  I would recommend Jeff to anyone who needed a trusted appraiser who does have any other agenda but to get you the best appraisal for your jewelry.