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Independent Jewelry Appraisal in Falls Church, Virginia, the DC Metro Area and McLean Virginia since 1988

Accredited Jewelry Appraisers, LLC, in Falls Church, VA, is an independent diamond jewelry and colored gem appraisal service for the Northern VA, MD and DC Metro area. We offer our discerning consumers and collectors of fine jewelry a wide variety of gemological services, from comprehensive jewelry appraisal reports to verification reports on diamond and gemstone jewelry purchased both locally and via the Internet. In business since 1988, Accredited Jewelry Appraisers is one of the few independent jewelry appraisal services in the greater DC Metro area with the proven experience to identify and appraise antique and period jewelry.

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Jeff and Sharon Allinson are truly independent jewelry appraisers. Why? As a Graduate Gemologists (GIA) and a Senior Member of The National Association Of Jewelry Appraisers, with over 35 years of experience, their expertise includes modern, antique and vintage fine jewelry, making both Jeff and Sharon eminently qualified to provide the highest quality appraisals you can expect.

Jeff Allinson launched his career in the jewelry industry in 1977 as a goldsmith at Downie Jewelers, one of the oldest, most established jewelry stores in South Florida. It was here where he learned the art of jewelry repair, stone setting and custom design. Jeff was quick to realize that a good working knowledge of gemstones was key to the job and his interest in gems and jewelry became his passion. In 1980, he moved to Santa Monica, CA to attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in residence. While in attendance, he studied diamonds and colored stones in depth and learned about their quality, analysis and how to appraise them according to market standards. After graduating from the GIA, Jeff was one of only three appraisers nationally to be selected by Kay Jewelers, Inc. to work in their corporate office in Old Town Alexandria, VA. He gained invaluable experience by conducting jewelry appraisal clinics for over 300 stores across the USA. His work at corporate headquarters included jewelry appraisals, assisting the diamond department with grading of loose diamonds and as a consultant to Black Star and Frost (Kay’s guild division) on estate purchases. Jeff’s other trade experience includes jewelry store management, employee training, and sales.

For the past 26 years, Jeff has worked as an independent appraiser and consultant from his office in McLean, VA. During this time, Jeff has gained a wealth of experience in circa dating and developing techniques to identify the authenticity of valuable antique jewelry pieces. His expertise has been tried and tested by curious customers in need of a stone identification. He has also appraised jewelry pieces brought in by renowned politicians of previous White House administrations. Jeff’s knowledge of gems and jewelry is further complemented by a vast network of trusted, valued connections that have been made over the course of his career.


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