About Us – Independent Jewelry Appraisal in Falls Church, Virginia, the DC Metro Area and McLean Virginia since 1988

Accredited Jewelry Appraisers, LLC, in Falls Church, VA, is an independent diamond jewelry and colored gem appraisal service for the Northern VA, MD and DC Metro area. We offer our discerning consumers and collectors of fine jewelry a wide variety of gemological services, from comprehensive jewelry appraisal reports to verification reports on diamond and gemstone jewelry purchased both locally and via the Internet. In business since 1988, Accredited Jewelry Appraisers is one of the few independent jewelry appraisal services in the greater DC Metro area with the proven experience to identify and appraise antique and period jewelry.

Comments from our clients

Ps – I’ve since seen what others (friends and family) received when they’ve had appraisals done by other people on similar jewelry (engagement ring). Compared to what I got from Jeff? There is no comparison. Holy smokes, Jeff is top notch, full service, doesn’t miss a thing: every angle and measurement and degree is taken down, noted, organized and presented in the final documents. Couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Bing bang boom. Need an appraisal? Spend the proper amount of cash and get it from Jeff. The documentation and peace of mind is priceless.
Allan D. – Rappahannock, VA

Highest recommendation.  Jeff is a top quality appraisal.  He really went the extra mile on my pieces including extra research on the artist and sources.  He was a true partner making sure I had what was needed to meet the requirements of my insurance company.  He is not the cheapest, but the investment was well worth it.
Sarah V. – Bethesda, MD

Exception service and character. I had to reschedule a couple of time due to scheduling restrictions and environmental conditions. Jeff was very accommodating. His appraisal is very detailed and worth the price.
Amo R. – Crotton, MD

“The Appraisal Service Was Fast, Professional, And The Rates Were Well Worth It. I Look Forward To Future Business With AJA.”
Michael F. – Alexandria, VA

“Mr. Allinson’s work is prompt, detailed and thoroughly researched. One would expect no less from someone with almost three decades of experience in his field. Use someone other than Jeff Allinson to appraise jewelry in the DC Metro area? Don’t even think about it!”
J.P. – Reston, VA