Jewelry Purchase Mistake Proves Importance of Expert Appraisals


Purchasing valuable jewelry for a loved one is a common way to show your appreciation and affection. However, if you do not have the expertise to tell real from fake, can you be sure you receive what you pay for? Sometimes, taking home the wrong piece of jewelry happens by mistake. Other times, a seller actively tries to cheat people out of their hard-earned money.

According to a recent NBC news story, when a man named Jeff Ladman chose a pair of $4000 diamond earrings for his wife, he expected to bring them home and impress her with the valuable gift. Imagine his surprise when the shopkeeper called a few months later to tell him he actually bought a cheap pair of faux display earrings instead of the real deal.

Valuable Jewelry or Cheap Display Pieces? 

When you buy something as important as an engagement ring, a special gift for a birthday, anniversary, or graduation, or just want to treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry, you expect to get what you pay for. In a situation like Mr. Ladman’s, he is quite lucky that he bought the earrings from a reputable company who informed him or the mistake and replaced the earrings. If not, he would have very little to show for his $4000 investment.

Mistakes or Scams in the Jewelry World

Whether a seller makes an honest mistake or tries to cheat you with a knock-off jewelry piece with fake or poor-quality stones, the only way to conquer these issues is with an accurate jewelry appraisal. No matter what type of gold, diamond, gemstone, or other precious material prices your purchase, take them to an outside appraisal company as soon as possible.

First, this will tell you if you got a good deal or not. You have potential fuel for a complaint or even a court case if the seller tries to scam you. At the very least, you have vital information for your own records and the insurance you should purchase for fine jewelry. If you do not protect yourself with accurate appraisals, you may end up in a much worse position than Jeff Ladman.

Expert Jewelry Appraisals Are More Important Than Ever

Unfortunately, the ever-increasing amount of online and peer-to-peer shopping for valuable jewelry makes mistakes and scams more common than ever before. To protect yourself and your assets, always seek out the best jewelry appraisal services in Vienna, VA, Falls Church, VA or wherever you live. Before you trust your purchase to just anyone, however, check out their credentials.

We found several quality jewelry appraisers in the north east and in Washington D.C. we found and recommend Accredited Jewelry Appraisers LLC.  It is an excellent choice when it comes to valuable jewelry guarantees.  They have decades of experience, training, and an impressive resume of past appraisal expertise.  We found Jeff and Sharon Allinson and the staff at this company to be highly professional and trust worthy.  If you believe you might have bought something by mistake or were scammed by an unscrupulous seller, always seek out a third-party who knows what they are doing to get a trustworthy appraisal.

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