Accredited Jewelry Appraisers Offers Jewelry Sales For Their Clients in Washington, D.C.


October 15th, 2019


Washington, D.C. – Fine jewelry owners and estate heirs often find themselves in a predicament when they want to sell their jewelry items. They know their fine jewelry is probably worth a lot of money, but they don’t know how to find out its true value or where to find a buyer who’ll pay top dollar for it.


In Washington, D.C., Accredited Jewelry Appraisers has served as the designated jewelry appraisal company for all discriminating fine jewelry owners and estate heirs in the city, as well as in Northern Virginia. They are one of the only independent jewelry appraisal services in the metropolitan area that offers appraisals for all of the appropriate markets; however, appraisals are not the only service they offer.


“After we evaluate a client’s jewelry for the purpose of establishing an approximate fair market value for resale on a secondary market, the next thing they usually want us to do is to help them sell it.” a company representative said. “We are happy to help our customers sell their jewelry. Our strategy is based on experience and involves determining which vehicle, be it auction, consignment or dealer purchase will net our client the highest price possible.”


Accredited Jewelry Appraisers has been evaluating and helping people sell their jewelry for many years and their clients benefit greatly from both services.


“We’ve developed a wonderful relationship with both jewelry buyers and auction houses over the last 30 years,” a company representative said. “We take pride in having the ability to maximize our client’s profit by recognizing the market. Thankfully, we have the experience to attain the highest prices for our clients and they continue to be more than happy with the sales we’re able to generate on their behalf.”


Accredited Jewelry Appraisers has partnered with an auction house that specializes in fine jewelry. The bidders who attend these auctions do so in house and online providing clients with international exposure


Brand names that typically do the best at auction include Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Graff, Piaget, Bulgari, Chopard, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Buccellati.


“Getting the highest price for a client is our main objective,” a company representative said. “As well as selling all types of jewelry for our clients at the best price. That is why we try to be realistic with our clients whenever they attempt to sell a piece of jewelry and give them options that will net the highest result.”


It seems everyone looking to buy jewelry on a secondary market for the purpose of reselling at a retail level claims they will pay the most. There are even jewelry companies spending millions of dollars on television ads that claim they will pay the most for your unwanted jewelry and then sell it for the least.  After taking a look at this claim we do not believe this to be valid or even a possible statement.  Accredited Jewelry Appraisers is one of the premier jewelry companies in the D.C. Metropolitan area with a renowned reputation for honesty. We encourage anyone with jewelry to sell to trust in that reputation because they will not disappoint you.

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