More Estate Heirs Seek Accredited Jewelry Appraisers for Accurate Jewelry Pricing


October 1st, 2019


Falls Church, Virginia – Jewelry is a common asset of an estate. When someone dies, the jewelry in their estate is passed down to their heirs. Another circumstance is if a person goes through a divorce and must split the assets of their estate accordingly to what they’re legally entitled to receive. Estate jewelry does not have a specific price tag because its market value will fluctuate by the day. It takes an established professional and experienced jewelry appraiser to determine the accurate value of any piece of jewelry.


In the northeastern United States, the demand for estate jewelry appraisers in on the rise. Estate heirs typically do not want to keep their inherited jewelry. They would rather sell the jewelry and receive a cash payment for it. With the increase in estate settlements taking place in Washington, D.C. Northern Virginia, and the state of Maryland, heirs are relying more and more on one of the most qualified estate jewelry appraisers in the region to attain the most value for their jewelry no matter what the market price.


Accredited Jewelry Appraisers, LLC has become the number one choice for many estate heirs in the northeast. This independent and accredited jewelry appraisal company is the best-qualified appraiser when it comes to estate jewelry evaluations. They have years of experience determining the value for just about every type of jewelry imaginable. The accuracy of their jewelry pricing and valuations are renowned in Virginia, Maryland, and the American capital.


“When I lost my father to cancer four years ago, I never expected to receive anything from his estate,” one estate heir said. “After inheriting what appeared to be a diamond ring, I wanted to find out what it was worth. The estate executor recommended that I go to Accredited Jewelry Appraisers to get a realistic valuation on the ring. Sure enough, it turned out to be worth more than I thought, and I was given a certificate to prove it!”


Accredited Jewelry Appraisers puts every piece of jewelry under a strict evaluation process that involves 14 different categories. These categories include enhancements, finishing, clarity, clarity type, cut grade, cutting proportions, saturation color, tone, carat weight, hue, fluorescence, colored stone grading, color analysis, and diamond grading. No other appraisal company in the area conducts such a thorough examination of their clients’ jewelry.


“We are one of the few trusted appraisers in the northeast because of our accreditation and history of providing clients with accurate appraisals,” said a representative of the company. “Many of our clients have included divorcees in the middle of family court cases and estate lawyers who need to distribute assets amongst heirs fairly. We are honored to be the designated appraisal company for so many estate lawyers, heirs, and executors for over ten years straight.”


After the value of a piece of jewelry is determined, the company offers auction services to their clients. This is where the jewelry piece is sold to bidders on behalf of their client. Prospective buyers have more trust in purchasing an appraised piece of jewelry if it is being auctioned by the accredited source that conducted the appraisal. For this reason, Accredited Jewelry Appraisers stays ahead of the competition. 

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