Engagement Ring Appraisals In Bethesda Maryland


 Engagement Ring Choice Made Simple

 For many people in Bethesda, Maryland, an engagement ring represents the first big fine jewelry purchase they ever make in their lives. Although they come in all price ranges, expectations and traditional cultural differences can dictate general expenditures. Of course, the most important thing is whether your fiancée-to-be will love the style of that particular piece of jewelry.


Expert Recommendations for Proposals

 Wedding websites and jewelry retailers suggest three months’ salary as the ideal cost of an engagement ring. A recent NY Times article reveals that the majority of people getting ready to propose only spend about two weeks’ salary instead. Statistics change based on the source and who was polled, but whatever the number, the most important thing when it comes to fine jewelry purchases is value.


Jewelry Appraisal for Engagement Rings

 No one wants to find out that they paid much more than the engagement ring was worth. In a booming romantic and relationship driven jewelry market, shopping around makes sense. Getting a professional jewelry appraisal for the ring you buy matters even more.

 The expertise and knowledge that quality jewelry appraisers have developed and mastered over the years must come from a long-term commitment to learning everything possible about precious metals, gemstones, and diamonds. Many engagement rings are simple diamond solitaires or gold or platinum bands with clusters of diamonds. Less traditional styles include rubies, sapphires, and other stones, too.

 No matter what style, size, or materials you choose, getting a professional appraisal makes sense. First of all, you want to make sure your ring is worth what you paid for it. It is, after all, a type of investment in your future as a new married couple. You also need to know how much to insure the fine jewelry ring for.


Choose a Bethesda, Maryland Appraiser You Can Trust

 Accredited Jewelry Appraisals has provided full appraisal services for all types of fine rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.  Serving Bethesda, Maryland and the surrounding areas for many years. Jeff Allinson’s expertise comes from the years of education and certifications from various well-known and respected gemological institutes and jewelry companies.

 Why trust your engagement ring with a shop who is more likely to give you a weak appraisal in hopes of purchasing the piece from you, or someone with ties to an insurance company who wants to over-value things to make more money? Too many untrustworthy so-called appraisers exist in the world today, and many more simply do not have the skills necessary to make a fair assessment.

 When you begin to shop for an engagement ring, your mindful of the moment when you drop to one knee and slip it onto your loved one’s finger, of course romance is the only thing that matters make no mistake about it.  But when you do buy that engagement ring trust an expert jewelry appraiser like Accredited Jewelry Appraisers that know and will give you the most accurate price on the gold, platinum, diamond, or gemstone ring you finally end up choosing.

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