Estate Appraisals: Check Qualifications to Get the Best Benefits

 Many different types of properties need division after a person passes away: real estate, vehicles, investments, jewelry, and more. Each asset requires a different type of appraisal expert to find the true value. Property appraisals, vehicle value books, and financial advisors help with the bigger issues. When it comes to jewelry, however, there seems to be more options in the Washington D.C. area. This could make it a challenge to find the best one for your circumstances.

 In order to get the most benefits and accuracy from a jewelry estate appraisals process, check for certain qualifications before hiring your final choice.


 Necessary Qualifications for Estate Appraisal Experts

 Even before looking at online reviews or checking cost-value comparisons, ensure that the estate appraisals’ expert you choose has necessary and recommended qualifications to get the job done right. Above all else, they should be an actual member of The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.

 This organization only allows membership for people who pass the appraisal examinations. There are various levels: Certified Master, Certified Senior, Certified, Senior, and Member. All have stringent qualifications to pass. The levels depend on years of experience and certain other criteria like lab work and written appraisal completion.

 Besides membership in that association, other qualifications indicate quality estate appraisals. If any gemstone jewelry is involved, look for someone with Gemological Institute of America (GIA) qualifications. Although not associated specifically with associations or organizations, look for jewelry appraisers with years of experience, association with top jewelers, jewelry stores, and estates, and ongoing education and experience in this type of work.

 If you are lucky enough to find one in the Washington D.C. area like Jeff Allinson of Accredited Jewelry Appraisers who has conducted appraisal clinics themselves, consider them well-equipped to handle estate appraisals.  Out of the hundreds of jewelry appraisers we sifted through in the northeast, we found that Accredited Jewelry Appraisers LLC located in Falls Church, Va has the years of experience, qualifications, accurate appraisals and customer service to handle all types of estate appraisals both small and large.  On top of that they have an amazingly long track record of numerous satisfied and loyal customers and very accurate appraisals.


Benefits of Qualified Jewelry Appraisals


Above all else, qualified estate appraisals mean accuracy and fairness. It differs from evaluation for insurance purposes because the process is not concerned particularly with maximum value. Instead, it strives to come up with the fair market value, or the price someone would actually pay for the piece currently. Things like the metal, diamonds, gemstones, jewelry design, current market, and even location are taken into account.

 This all matters in an estate valuation because it helps with the fair division of property. For example, if one descendant wanted grandmother’s diamond ring, knowing its value would allow for fair compensation to the other descendants. Also, appraisals for potentially valuable objects in general are required to process the estate accurately.

 Estate appraisals take many forms, and multiple type of experts get involved with the overall process of determining value and fair distribution. When it comes to jewelry appraisals in the Washington D. C. area, you need more than a store clerk or “We Buy” shop to tell you what you need to know. Check for appropriate qualifications, experience, education, and a track record of accuracy and client satisfaction before you trust your jewelry estate to an appraiser.

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