The Art of Diamond Ring Appraisal


The Art of Diamond Ring Appraisals

 The original retail cost of a diamond ring may not reflect its actual value. Getting a jewelry appraisal from professionals in Georgetown, VA and the surrounding area can present a more accurate amount. This matters whether you wish to sell the jewelry or insure it for safety purposes. At Accredited Jewelry Appraisers, they take the process of evaluation quite seriously. Each valuation blends scientific examination with understanding of the art that goes into every diamond ring.

 Jewelry Value: Grading Set Diamonds

 Even the simplest solitaire ring is usually worth more than its base parts. The diamond itself needs accurate grading in order to determine its value, but the metal used, setting style, and any extra stones or decorations also contribute to the amount. This process differs quite a bit than findings of value of a loose gemstone.

 Professional assessments for diamond rings like you receive here at Accredited Jewelry Appraisals serving Vienna, VA, Georgetown, VA and the greater D.C. area use expert equipment, long years of experience, and guidelines set forth by the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society. At the end of the jewelry appraisal process, you receive a certificate that outlines all the information about the particular ring, the gems it contains, and how much you should insure it for. This can also give you some idea of the value if you choose to sell it.

 Appraisals Go Beyond the 4 Cs

 People who have purchased diamond rings in the past understand the importance of cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These 4 Cs of diamond appraisals are the basic measures that help a jewelry expert determine how much the jewel is worth.

 Cut – The number of facts and design affect how much a diamond in a ring sparkles.

  • Color – Any color in a white diamond reduces its value.
  • Clarity – The appraiser checks for imperfections visible by eye and microscope.
  • Carat Weight – This measurement tells basically how big the diamond is.

 Within each of these categories, many different levels of quality exist. Each has its own scale that can change the value of a diamond by hundreds or thousands of dollars. Not all diamonds are white or clear, of course. Pink, yellow, ‘chocolate’, and other colored diamonds have become quite popular for fashionable and elegant jewelry. When experts appraise these, the color designation takes into account the intended color and does not detract based on its comparison to a white diamond.

 If you have a diamond ring passed down through the generations, bought as an engagement ring, or simply as a piece of fashion jewelry that you love to wear for special  occasions, getting an appraisal makes sense. All fine rings and other gemstone pieces should carry appropriate levels of insurance to protect your investment. If you ever want to sell the piece and replace it with something new, a certificate of value can help you come up with an appropriate price. Above all else, only trust your diamond ring appraisals to professional companies that have the knowledge and expertise to deliver accurate results like Accredited Jewelry Appraisers LLC.

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