Jewelry Appraisal And Selling Experience in Vienna, Va

 Jewelry Appraisal and Selling Experience in Vienna, VA

 Both my wife and I have some jewelry we received from our parents’ and grandparents’ estates when they passed away. It’s been sitting in a drawer for years, and we finally decided the time had come to do something with it. We’re nearing retirement age and would love to fill our days with travel and new experiences. The idea of selling the jewelry came to mind after some discussions about what we could afford without tapping into necessary funds for our futures.

 My nephew suggested a pawn shop. I admit I was completely ignorant about how they worked, but a closer look revealed that was a horrible way to sell fine jewelry for an appropriate amount. We approached a few jewelry stores in Vienna, VA near our home, but we just did not feel confident that they were offering prices close to what the pieces are actually worth.


 Getting a Professional Appraisal

We started to do some research and found Accredited Jewelry Appraisers online. Immediately we found the information about Jeff and Sharon Allinson’s experience and knowledge. It was incredibly impressive! Combined 35 years of experience, graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, worked with estate purchases in the past, and even worked with Kay Jewelers, which was where I bought my lovely wife her wedding band many years ago. His expertise with antique, vintage, or estate jewelry really sealed the deal for us. Some of our grandparent’s jewelry came from the early 1920s.

 Accredited Jewelry Appraisers do not buy jewelry directly, but they made the whole process so simple and worry-free. First came the actual appraisal. My wife and I met with them directly, went over all the jewelry we wanted to sell – we kept back a few pieces as family heirlooms – filed out the necessary forms, paid what we considered a truly reasonable amount, and went back home to Vienna, VA with the peace of mind that we chose the right method. No sketchy pawn shops for us.


Jewelry Auction Organization for Top Prices

We trusted Jeff Allinson to do an exceptional job with the appraisal, and we weren’t disappointed. Actually, we were a bit shocked about how much some of the pieces were worth. They explained that they partner with a professional auction house that could sell the rings, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry for us on a consignment basis. It sounded like the perfect solution.

 Not only did they secure the jewelry and the whole payment process, but everything we offered was made available to a global audience of buyers. If the items didn’t sell at first, we could just request them back or send them on to the next auction with no risk or extra fees.  We ended up selling almost all of our pieces and absolutely recommend Accredited Jewlery Appraisal LLC to anyone in and around the Vienna, Va or greater D.C. Area!

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