Jewelry Appraisal in Georgetown, Va Saved My Wedding


Jewelry Appraisal in Georgetown, VA Saved My Wedding

 Five years ago on a visit to Georgetown, VA, I ran into the man who would become my husband while shopping and enjoying the views at Washington Harbor. We dated, fell in love, and one romantic evening next to a flowering tree in the gorgeous Dumbarton Oaks gardens, he dropped to one knee and proposed with his grandmother’s engagement ring.

 Not long after sharing our plans with his family, conflict arose. Unfortunately, when expensive estate jewelry is involved, it seems that someone may get greedy. Questions about equitable value of the grandmother’s jewelry collection started causing problems. We needed a competent, respected, and quick appraisal in the Georgetown, VA area for my engagement ring so we could move forward with the wedding plans.


Professional Appraisal for My Engagement Ring

 We chose Accredited Jewelry Appraisers partly for their convenience and proximity to home, but primarily because they have a long track record of professionalism and skill. Jeff Allinson has been in the jewelry trade for decades, has worked with the top collections and stores across the United States, is GIA certified, and more. No one could argue that the engagement ring appraisal received here would be anything but 100% accurate.

 The entire process from our first trip to the shop to the final jewelry appraisal meeting went smoothly. The people who worked there treated us wonderfully, and we really enjoyed how well they explained everything to us. The appraisal services included both a full description and valuation of the gold ring band and setting and also the various diamonds included in the design. They even showed us the identifying marks from the original design company and told us how that factored into the worth of the ring.

 Accredited Jewelry Appraisers went far beyond cut, color, and clarity when it came to figuring out how much the diamonds on the ring are worth. They even showed us the fluorescence that made the ring appear to glow under UV light.

 The end result was nothing short of perfect. We got an accurate and comprehensive evaluation of the engagement ring, a clear and trustworthy appraisal of its monetary value, and stellar service for every single step. With this information, we were able to successfully satisfy the complaints about the division of my husband’s grandmother’s jewelry collection, and move on in much more positive way. This also helped us determine how much to insure the ring for, which is important as I never want to risk this symbol of our love and life together.


 Enjoying Married Life in Georgetown, VA Even More

 While the title of this post is relatively tongue in cheek, and my marriage would be strong even without this beautiful heirloom engagement ring on my finger, the appraisal surely made a big difference in our lives. Conflicts unfortunately arise during family circumstances when valuable jewelry is involved. The professional assistance of Accredited Jewelry Appraisers saved the day.

 Now, my husband and I can enjoy our marriage in Georgetown, VA more than ever before. The accurate appraisal gave us both peace of mind and the information we needed to insure my ring for its proper worth.

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