Benefits of a Qualified Estate Appraisal Expert


Many reasons exist to get fine jewelry appraised, but one of the most common occurs when a considerable amount is left to another in an estate. More vintage and antique jewelry gets passed down through the generations all the time, and those who receive it must get professional estate appraisals in Falls Church, VA and the greater Washington D.C. area.


Estate Appraisals for Jewelry in Falls Church, VA


Different types of professional rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces, and bracelet appraisals exist, and they are performed slightly differently for a variety of reasons. This includes for insurance purposes if you intend to keep and wear the jewelry, to determine a marketable selling price for auctions if you do not want to keep it, and estate appraisals to determine fair valuations for legal purposes.


When it comes to legally dividing or allotting an estate in Georgetown, Falls Church or surrounding D.C. areas, you need to find a professional who knows what they are doing when it comes to all types of precious metals and rare gemstone jewelry.


Top 3 Benefits of Expert Appraisers for Estate Jewelry


When it comes to getting the best possible evaluation for the pieces of jewelry left in an estate or intended for division among multiple people, you need expert estate appraisals from the start.


1 – The Appraiser Provides Accurate Valuations


A single piece of jewelry for an appraisal may actually differ widely for the final amount of the valuation. This depends greatly on the skill and education of the appraiser themselves, but also what type of evaluation you need. Insurance, auction, and estate appraisals also have different criteria and regulations for determining the dollar amounts. An expert appraiser with years in the business, training from the top jewelry and gemological groups in the United States, and knowledge of estate jewelry specifically knows how to reach the right conclusion. I have found that Accredited Jewelry Appraisers LLC is the appraisal company to go with because of their integrity, knowledge and dedication to providing spot on appraisal by a professional process that they have honed for years.


2 – Not Motivated by Potential Profits


When you approach an appraisal expert directly, like Accredited Jewelry Appraisers, they provide a professional service to you that is not motivated by what they are going to get out of it. Appraisals, which are usually not for estate evaluation purposes, by jewelry stores, auction houses, or liquidators may end up being influenced by a quest for profits. Most people who inherit jewelry know little about its actual value. Therefore, they believe the so-called experts no matter what amount they say. Then, the profit-focused company can buy the ring or necklace for less and sell it for its true value. When you choose an estate appraisal expert with a track record of integrity and customer satisfaction, you do not run into this problem.


3 – Estate Appraisals Are Sometimes Free to Clients


While some appraisers offer free initial valuations, which do not go into enough depth for estate, insurance, or sale purposes, most charge for their professional services. Of course, anyone with the skills and training necessary to evaluate gold, silver and diamonds accurately deserves to be fairly compensated for their work. 


In the case of estate appraisals, however, the client may not be the one who pays.  The person who owns or will soon inherit the jewelry may not receive it until the evaluation is done by an attorney, estate executor, or other party who works as an intermediary in the transaction.


Estate appraisals have particular rules that only expert appraisers know. With their skills in determining appropriate value for a variety of fine jewelry pieces both new and vintage, specialists like Accredited Jewelry Appraisers LLC are the ones to turn to when estate valuations need to be made. 

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