Professional Jewelry Appraisal for Insurance and Resale

Experience has shown that getting your jewelry appraised is a considerably anxious experience if you do not know the quality and professionalism of the company doing so from the start. I not only own a considerable collection of fine jewelry and watches but have also received more from an aunt’s estate after she passed away. I had no idea of its value and struggled to figure out how much I should insure it all for. I also considered selling some pieces that didn’t suit my style.

The Accredited Jewelry Appraisers showed up at the top of the list of potential appraisals to try. I live in Vienna, Virginia and they are located in Falls Church, Virginia which was quite convenient for me on my way home from work in the Washington, DC metro area.  Local is always better, but there were still multiple options to choose from. In the end, the decision to choose this appraiser came down to the sheer amount of experience they had. Jeff Allison’s been working in the industry since 1977, which is just about as long as some of my aunt’s jewelry has been around. Graduate from GIA, hand-picked by Kay Jewelers corporate… he’s even appraised jewelry and watches for the White House in the past.

So, I made an appointment, gathered up all of my jewelry and my husband’s dress watch that hadn’t been appraised in many years, and went in. I admit I was a bit nervous carrying all of it with me, especially as I didn’t know how much it was worth at the time.

As far as jewelry appraisal goes, I really didn’t know what to expect at first. From the very start, everything was handled so professionally and securely. It was easy to tell that this established company had been the right choice. We went through my pieces carefully, decided which to appraise for insurance purposes and which I want to sell, and they took the time to explain the whole process in clear detail.

I was especially interested to learn if the estate jewelry had been appraised at fair market value before the distribution of assets. This was vitally important to me for determining tax burdens and such. Quite frankly, I also wanted to know if the whole thing was equitable between my aunt’s other niece and I, too.

Jeff and Sharon made the whole process so easy and understandable. The last time I had anything appraised, the man in charge made it all seem so mysterious and like I wouldn’t understand the qualities they looked for. They just gave me an amount and offered to buy the piece for less. It felt almost like a scam even though it was at a reputable jewelry store. Now, I am so very glad I choose professional appraisers close to me in Vienna, Virginia instead. They gave me detailed information about the process, answered all my questions, and gave me both digital and hardcopy results of so many factors that went into determining value.

From start to finish Accredited Jewelry Appraisers constantly convinced me that I had made the best possible choice. I got everything valued quickly and professionally, and now I feel a lot more comfortable getting the right amount of insurance and selling a few pieces to fund next year’s vacation.

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