The Benefits of an Accurate Jewelry Appraisal

The Benefits of an Accurate Jewelry Appraisal


All too often we find people only looking for an appraisal of their jewelry when they want to sell it. But, oftentimes receiving an appraisal only when you want to sell your jewelry prevents you from accurately insuring your jewelry or heirloom collections. This can leave you stranded in the event of a loss for any reason. It can also help you claim any jewelry losses if they fall under any other type of insurance, like homeowners insurance in the event of theft.


When is the Best Time to Get My Jewelry Appraised?


The single best time to get your jewelry appraised is the day you receive it. There are a number of reasons you would need to get an appraisal for your jewelry right after you receive it. Most people tend to think that they can just show their insurance company a receipt for their jewelry to receive a full reimbursement. However, this does not include any decrease in value from wear or damage. It can also be impossible to show your receipt if you received your jewelry as a gift, and usually gifted jewelry is the jewelry you care most about.


Receiving an accurate and accredited appraisal for your jewelry ensures you receive the full value for replacement of your lost jewelry. In order to receive this compensation, most insurance companies require a detailed appraisal report as the basis for value. An accurate appraisal of your jewelry also prevents you from over-insuring your jewelry collection.


How Do I Know if I Have an Accurate Appraisal?


From an untrained eye, telling the difference between a good appraisal and bad one can be difficult. But your insurance provider knows the difference and might not accept a poorly written appraisal. To make sure you receive an appraisal your insurance accepts, check what information your insurance provider requires. At a minimum, your appraisal report should include:


  • Detailed description of the piece of jewelry
  • The metal of the piece of jewelry
  • If there is a stone, all stone details such as the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight
  • Any side stone information or other embellishments
  • A detailed estimate of the jewelry’s value


You also must ensure your appraiser is accredited to conduct jewelry appraisals. Without an accreditation, your insurance company has no way of knowing whether or not your appraisal is accurate. An accredited appraiser knows exactly what your insurance will need in the event you need to file a claim.


Accredited Jewelry Appraisers


At Accredited Jewelry Appraisers in Falls Church, Virginia, we provide accurate appraisals for any jewelry or heirlooms. Through our years of experience, we know exactly what information your insurance requires in the event that you need to submit a claim. We worked hard to earn our great reputation for providing accurate appraisals throughout Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Our customers understand and appreciate the value we provide which continues to earn us a five star rating on Google out of nearly one hundred reviews.

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