The town of Vienna in Fairfax County, Virginia is less than 20 miles from Washington DC.  Many of people there own one kind of jewelry ranging from wedding rings to family heirlooms whose market value could be in the thousands. From the sparkly diamond based rings and necklaces to the dull but timeless bronze pieces, these prized gems have always been highly sought after by individuals and collectors. Determing the correct value is imperative when you own these precious pieces.  The big question to ask yourself is if the jewelry should, in any case, get lost or stolen, would you be able to afford to replace them? If you answered a big NOO, then insurance is really something you should consider, and that’s how I found Accredited Jewelry Appraisers.

Sure there a lot of other jewelry appraisers out there in Vienna Virginia, but how do you know how to choose the right one?  And why are they any better than the others? Good question! Jewelry appraisal refers to seeking the value of a piece of jewelry for insurance purposes, i.e., to know much how it will cost to replace said piece of jewelry in the event of incidents like theft.  Accredited Jewelry Appraisers uses a very detailed process of jewelry appraisal.  After trying numerous appraisers in Vienna, Virginia, I have found that they to do the most thorough, exhaustive and accurate appraisals.  Below I detailed what sets them appart.



Once you decide to choose Accredited Jewelry Appraisers, the first thing you need to do is to give concise details of your jewelry. No tiny detail must be spared, as you’ll need to provide them with information such as the name of the jeweler, the type of jewelry, the metals or stone with which it was made and also the reason why the piece of jewelry is getting appraised. Particular situations can tell on the price of your jewelry. If the purpose of the appraisal is as insurance, the appraisal will indicate the retail price of the jewelry. If however, it is for sale or use as collateral (not too dissimilar from jewelry grading), the appraisal will show the price based on the current market trend of the jewelry.


When all the information is received, the next step will be to evaluate the jewelry. This process is undertaken based on a variety of factors. These factors include the composition of the precious metals used, the authenticity of the gems, the number of karats and the total weight of the jewelry, and of course, the measurements. They ensure that this process will be carefully and meticulously inspected.  Even though an accurate appraisal takes time, they can give you a precise price within a moderate and fair timeframe.  In some cases it can even be carried out on site.  Also, it is noteworthy to add that bringing along any relevant documentation that could prove the authenticity of the jewelry would be to your benefit, as this can affect the price of the item as well.


Upon the conclusion of their very reliable appraisal, they will provide you with documents containing the final price.  After this, you can then decide on the next course of action, now being confident in knowing the actual value of your jewelry.


When it comes to jewelry appraisal, trust me, you want to entrust a specialist with years of experience in the industry, and for the past 26 years, Jeff and Sharon have worked as independent appraisers and consultants in the greater D.C. area and now have their office in Falls Church, Virginia.  They have gained a wealth of experience in circa dating and developing techniques to identify the authenticity of valuable antique jewelry pieces. Jeff and Sharon Allinson are truly independent jewelry appraisers.

Together, they established Accredited Jewelry Appraisers, LLC, and have gained many customers from Vienna, Virginia over the years because of their expertise.  They also have provided an independent diamond jewelry and colored gem appraisal service for the DC Metro Area and McLean Virginia since 1988.

Accredited jewelry appraisers truly stands out from the rest by giving you a very accurate report on your item. They take every detail into account when appraising your items so as to be as accurate and presise as possible. I’ve come across numerous jewelry appraisers in my time but if you live in Vienna, Virginia, and you’re looking to get insurance for that piece of jewelry around your neck or on your finger, get it appraised with Accredited Jewelry Appraisers LLC.

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